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  1. Random Thoughts Part Deux
  2. Scott Medicare Tycoon
  3. Breaking News: Fox News reporting Trump colluded with Russia
  5. No more kneeling by NFL players...so TRUMP wins again!
  6. Trump Asked Bill Gates the Difference Between HIV and HPV Not Once But TWICE
  7. We are all very lucky that the answer to the random question will never be Hillary
  8. Does Anyone Else Spend all of their Money
  9. 11 Major League Baseball teams have rainbow hats for LGBT Pride games
  10. Trump’s constant threats and reversals spur investors to see him as boy who cried wol
  11. Meeting With Donald Trump ‘Was Like Talking To A Toddler’
  12. Bill Clinton says he does not owe Monica Lewinsky an apology in light of #MeToo movem
  13. Spoiled brat cancels party because no one is attending
  14. Tax cuts - Let the kids pay the bill
  15. Trump Just Flunked Another Math Test
  16. Paul Ryan Dismisses Trump’s Charges of a Spy in His Campaign
  17. Solved! No More Smoking Monkeys
  18. There’s actually lots of evidence of Trump-Russia collusion
  19. wonder why people believe the fake news?
  20. F**K Trump! so says my hero, De Niro
  21. rump Ordered Troops to the Border, But They’re Doing Busywork
  22. Trump faces backlash after saluting North Korean general
  23. Career Politician Bill Nelson Set to Vote Against Judge He Told President to Nominate
  24. Was There a Connection Between Russian Facebook Propaganda and a Foiled Terrorist Att
  25. Why would the Trump charitable foundation donate $7 to the boy scouts?
  26. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.
  27. President Trump Threw a Starburst at German Chancellor
  28. Father of crying girl stopped at the border speaks out
  29. Will you say no to racism?
  30. Do you believe in miracles?
  31. Trump banned from City🤪
  32. The Supreme Court Will Decide By Law for the Next 50 Years
  33. Trump Spewed a Mind-Blowing 100 False Claims In One Week: Report
  34. Oval, Supreme Court, Senate, House, Governors, State Legislatures
  35. Sad Political Posts
  36. Stephen Actually Enjoys Seeing Those Pictures
  37. Your President is Addressing the Nation at 9pm
  38. President Trump Has Been Harder on Russia Than Any President Since Reagan Ended USSR
  39. Trump wins in search for Idiot!
  40. Orange Man Bad
  41. Inpeach 45
  42. Drumpf is Racist
  43. Drumpf Giving Putin's Soccer Ball to His Autistic Kid Was Literally Illegal
  44. The Spam Proves They're Literally Unhinged #WalkAway
  45. Orange carrot man trades his country for his arse
  46. What can we do if Crisis is our President?
  47. Trump's Poodle will not touch the bottom floor button on an elevator
  48. Oops: Trump’s Cost Estimate for New Embassy Off by 10,000 Percent
  49. Time to get on the Trump Traitor Train
  50. Trump lies about new health plan - Millions are signing up
  51. What would make you more likely to vote Democrat?
  52. Ryan says conservatives must 'fight back' against the alt-right
  53. What would it look like if Trump were a Russian Asset
  54. Pulisic takes ball from Goetze
  55. Donald Trump is a pussy!
  56. Perhaps Otto was not tortured, wait what?
  57. Don't like the Surrender summit facts, just change the record!
  58. Donald Trump Flew Into Rage When Melania Watched CNN On Air Force One
  59. Trump 'unfit' for office and Republicans should urge him to quit, says ex-N.J. Gov. C
  60. Conservative Media has no moral code
  61. Rupert Murdoch’s Ex-Wife in ‘Serious’ Relationship With Vladimir Putin
  62. Are Americans just stupid?
  63. Republicans abuzz over Schmidt's divorce from GOP
  64. The One Man Putin Can’t Get Out of His Head
  65. Donald Trump has never been a great dealmaker
  66. Russian Money Laundering - Everyone is doing it!
  67. Donald Trump sexual misconduct allegations >= 19
  68. As bouts with killer algae rose, Florida gutted its water quality monitoring network
  69. How many Puerto Ricans died in Maria?
  70. The president would have been filmed in 1987 with Russian prostitutes sent to him as
  71. Traitor Trump fired another patriot and the fake right does nothing
  72. Who would you want in the foxhole next to you?
  73. WOW!!! If we talked about Obama like they talk about Trump, well we would be done for
  74. Slick Bill Nelson goes silent amid charges of fabricating Russian hacking claim
  75. The Democrats Have No Platform Except Trump Derangement Syndrome
  76. Trump up to 36% approval of black voters
  77. Breaking News: Red Tied Caused By Migrant African Dust
  78. Rick Scott lied about agency cuts and water testing
  79. Rick Scott lied about agency cuts and water testing
  80. We know trump is a Russian asset, is Rick Scott one too?
  81. Did you know the Feds broke up a radical islamic terrorist compound in New Mexico?
  82. We know Dianne Fienstein was a Chinese spy. Is Bill Nelson one too?
  83. The mods only crack down when the left is losing bigly
  84. GOP in tailspin
  85. Florida Governor race
  86. Devos pushing plan for $ to arm teachers
  87. New Political thread as Pres found guilty by Cohen & Manafort.
  88. Pecker granted immunity to tell the truth
  89. I love seeing talking-soccer returning to normal
  90. Trump wears a tin foil hat
  91. Trump Is a Snob Who Secretly Despises His Own Supporters
  92. Why did the Russian trolls leave?
  93. Trump’s ties to the Russian mafia go back 3 decades
  94. Every wonder what a Trump rally is like?
  95. Trump results? You bet.
  96. Trump has a mushroom dick
  97. How fascism works A Yale philosopher on fascism, truth, and Donald Trump.
  98. Trump Collusion follow up?
  99. Florida Colleges
  100. EVERYTHING WRONG about Florida Elite
  101. How to be a Trumpie
  102. In the end hitting the books was better use of time
  103. MODERATOR: "In the end hitting the books was...."
  104. Who is the 45th President of the United States?
  105. What's in a worse state - youth soccer or our government?
  106. Trump absolutely KILLED IT last night!
  107. Random Soccer Thoughts Trois
  108. Who to vote for in 2020
  109. Random Thoughts Part Quatre
  110. Constant lying will affect your health
  111. Rapinoe sucks
  112. White liberals
  113. Megan Rapinoe should be kicked off National team
  114. Hazards of your kids social media
  115. Why do people care about women's soccer?
  116. iran
  117. Thank God for Rapinoe
  118. Dems say American flag is now racist
  119. Hypocrisy
  120. Ungrateful American??🤔
  121. How to get your kid on a national team
  122. When is Putin going to release the video where they were peeing each other?
  123. He's dangerous and people are going to get hurt.
  124. How Marxism Workd
  125. Oh the irony
  126. Birtherism, Hillary's emails, and other alt-right delusions
  127. Lies
  128. soccer is
  129. Black Audi
  130. False Media Narrative
  131. Thank you libtards
  132. No Blame?
  133. So how are you feeling about your boy today?
  134. Confederação Brasileira de Futebol
  135. Libtards are Criminals
  136. Say what you will about HRC, but...
  137. Credit where credit is due
  138. Hong Kong
  139. Fox News have you worked into a scared frenzy?
  140. The president lied about a dangerous weather forecast and committed a crime...
  141. Won't change any hearts or minds
  142. Trump is going to screw Biden over so hard
  143. AOC and Greta day that we are doomed in 12 years
  144. Breaking news: President Obama to be arrested
  145. BREAKING NEWS: Hillary lost
  146. Public abuse of his oath of office
  147. Unemployment Rate 3.5%
  148. So Idiotically Stupid
  149. Trump surrenders to ISIS.... again! What a pussy!
  150. Open Skies treat withdrawal
  151. Advice for Liberals
  152. Some Questions
  153. Stunning Admission
  154. Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL18)
  155. What it Means to be an American
  156. But, but, but Kathy Griffin
  157. Yeah okay, I hate you.
  158. Two thought experiments for Trump supporters
  159. The End of an Obsession
  160. Libs Cannot Outsmart Trump
  161. MSM lies .., let's punish them
  162. Trump declares constitution unconstitutional
  163. The Trump Train is picking up speed!!!
  164. Very important for the ones extremely concerned about Weston FC
  165. for the ones interested in Weston bad news
  166. Another Example
  167. Due Process and Impeachment Errors Addressed
  168. Media Lies
  169. You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you
  170. Yoohoo, Trumpists who tout the economy as an accomplishment...
  171. Simple question for Trump supporters
  172. Liberals Destroy
  173. Liberal MSM Lies
  174. Trump Wins BIG!!!
  175. The Red Wave!
  176. Wednesday at 10am
  177. Embarrassed to be a Democrat
  178. Soccer Player Briefly Loses His Mind, Body Checks Opposing Coach
  179. The Trump Train is derailed, veering toward disaster
  180. Financial leverage as kompromat
  181. Just brilliant
  182. DOJ issues arrest warrants for Obama Admin involved in Russia probe.
  183. Thursday Impeachment Hearings Begin
  184. Wednesday Impeachment Hearing
  185. Looking forward to 2020 meltdown.
  186. Democrats are unhinged
  187. Watch the end of principle and virtue
  188. Klinsman is back
  189. Brain dead angry libtards post angry comments here.
  190. Kamala Harris drops out.
  191. What ever happened to all that Obamacare that was killing healthcare?
  192. Trump brings shame to traditional Conservative Republicans
  193. Trump’s Defense
  194. Top headline on FOX “professor inundated with
  195. We know what's going to happen
  196. The False Romance of Russia
  197. Third President to be Impeached
  198. Please resign
  199. 12/19/19 Trump is still your President
  200. Trump will be acquitted in Senate.
  201. Thank you libtards
  202. All that time wasted
  203. Trump trump trump
  204. Hey Libtards
  205. Only 5 more years.
  206. Democrat Scumbags
  207. Trump wins in Landslide victory. Republicans take back House
  208. I took a Schiff
  209. In case you forgot
  210. Why wait Pelosi
  211. Civil War
  212. 12/19/2019
  213. New Poll 12/18/19
  214. Liberal men(use that term loosely) We know you're not men.
  215. Usa usa usa
  216. Thanks for playing Joe
  217. It's been their plan all along.
  218. First Lady of the US Stormy Daniels
  219. Impeachment evidence and facts..........
  220. Swamp Mistress
  221. Some Evangelicals are starting to grasp the stakes here.
  222. These Trump *****holes R PRob AI bots
  223. Show us da beaver shots!!!
  224. Amerika jumped the sharp
  225. Eat Mo Putin
  226. MAGA Christmas
  227. Christmas message to Talking Soccer Politics
  228. My Semester with the Snowflakes
  229. Lies finally admitted
  230. Trump announces he would commit war crimes
  231. Narcissist make poor Presidents
  232. Trump is not the best US President ever, he's the best leader of all time
  233. For my libtard compatriots
  234. Worst Pres Worst Leadr Worst Person
  235. Smart Republicans?
  236. Eat Mo Trump Poo
  237. Why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?
  238. Lol still the Russian Trump Board
  239. The Impeachment of Donald J. Trump
  240. They all know crimes were committed...
  241. Trump should resign
  242. The Bozo in Chief
  243. Presidential Accomplishments
  244. Long and short, is your life better than it was prior to a trump presidency
  245. Romney - only Conservative W Balls
  246. Most Ridiculous Candidate?
  247. Degenerates
  248. My question
  249. Cut and Paste for America
  250. And yet even more...